What is ANTIFA?

The word antifa is being thrown around a lot these days and it’s frequently vilified by fascists, news media and even the President of the United States. It’s being called a gang, a terrorist organization, and lots of other terrible things. But antifa really isn’t so scary.

Antifa is short for anti-fascist (ANTI-FAscist) and it’s a loose coalition of individuals and groups, not a monolithic organization. No one knows when the term was first used, but it’s known to have been used since at least the 1930s. It means different things to different people, but at its most basic, it’s about fighting for the people and for progressive policies. It’s often conflated with black bloc, which is a defensive tactic used by some who are antifa, but they are not the same thing.

Since it’s decentralized, and individuals and groups often act autonomously, antifa can be messy, disorganized, and even sometimes fight itself, but that’s pretty much true of any movement. Think of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, for example. There was much debate about tactics and strategies just as there are now and not everything they did was particularly organized or even effective. But they were united around a common cause and they made things happen, as are we and as will we. They were also frequently scorned by their contemporaries, so we’re in good company. 

But, at its core, the only thing you need to be part of antifa is to be against fascism. So if you’re against fascism (and who would have thought that would be a controversial stance in 2017?), you’re ANTIFA.

Let’s put it this way: if you’ve ever wondered what you would have done during the Civil Rights Movement, this is your opportunity to find out.

Welcome to the Resistance.

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What’s the deal with the masks?

One of the big questions that comes up is: what’s the deal with the masks? If they’re the good guys, why do some folks in antifa wear masks? What do they have to hide?

There are a lot of legit reasons to wear masks even if you’re not doing anything wrong. Doxing, or sharing someone’s private information online, is a common practice of fascists looking to shut their opposition down (to be fair, it’s also sometimes used against them). By publicly circulating private info like phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, place of employment, etc., fascists open folks up to harrassment, embarassment, pranks, identity theft, legal trouble (even if the person did nothing wrong), death threats, and a whole host of other nasty things. It’s not something anyone wants to go through, so folks sometimes mask up to protect themselves. Check out this article about some of the tactics fascists use when doxing.

Think of it like this: a lot of superheroes like Spiderman and Batman mask up to hide their identities when they fight crime and they’re good guys, right? It’s like that, only this is real life.

Note: we highly encourage you to read up on doxing if you don’t know much about it so you can protect yourself. There’s a lot of info about it online, but here’s a place to start.



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The Fascists

Orgs, sites, and links we like

There are tons of awesome orgs out there doing the work and sites that offer great resources. This is not a complete list, just a few that stand out.

Bonus: Charlottesville Documentary

If you’ve not seen it, watch this video about Charlottesville–it has over 2 million views, so many of you probably already have. It’s admittedly hard to watch because of the subject matter, but it’s 22 minutes that are very much worth your time.



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